Sep 172014


Last Saturday saw us appear at the World Wellington Boot Throwing Championship in Wellington, Somerset. I can honestly say that the dogs turned in their best performance of the year!

Here’s what the show organisers said about our efforts in their subsequent letter to me:

“Your demo was absolutely A1 & really was the highlight of the whole day! We have had lots of feedback from people saying how good it was, very entertaining. Beautiful dogs, the control you had over Daisy & Poppy (or I like to say leadership rather than control) was second to none. And the rapport and relationship you have with them was breathtaking to watch.

It made me chuckle this morning when I was out foraging in the woods with my dogs. I was down the bottom when I heard a man shout “PADDY you come here NOW! PADDY COME!” Then a big sigh of “Why can’t you be good like Daisy? I want a dog like her.” I looked up and said “Good luck with that!” Anyway, we got talking and he said you & your dogs had inspired him to train his dog properly. He is going to his first Gundog class next week. So I think I can safely say yes, you were a big hit!

I have attached a photo that was sent to me of you & Daisy at work. I’m not sure who took it, but I think it’s a great photo!

Thank you for your good wishes. And I wish you all the best with life & with your demos, which I think you could go far with. Hopefully our paths will cross again sometime in the future, which I’m fairly sure they will.

The Brightest Of Blessings to you & your family & thank you once again.




Makes it all worthwhile!

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