2018 Shows & Testimonials


19 January 2018 – Dog Training Workshop, Wilton Hall 7-8.30pm

(The Basics: focus,  sit, stay, heel work & recall)

“I think it can be said from all of us what a very clever man you are with your dogs. Thoroughly enjoyed the evening watching you work with your lovely hounds. Makes mine look like hooligans!! Looking forward to meeting you again either at a demonstration or possibly training. Thank you Stephen for a great night at Wilton.” Jane Rudd-Hughes

“I took my husband along to an evening with One Man and his Gundogs. It was fantastic! My husband said that it was the best money he has spent all year. Stephen provided a real insight in to how dogs’ minds work and what we, as human beings, are or are not doing that affects our dogs’ behaviour. We left with so many ideas and training tips to start with our dog and are very much looking forward to the next event!” Agnetha Henley

13 April 2018Dog Training Workshop, Wilton Hall 7-8.30pm

(Steering & Brakes: refresher of the basics, how to stop a dog pulling on the lead, stop whistle)

“Absolutely fantastic and incredibly valuable. Easy to understand”. Lyndsay Grinter

“Great evening! Could have listened to you for hours. Would love to see more!” Caroline Keane Butler

“I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed Stephen’s demonstration in Wilton yesterday evening. Very informative, fun to watch and gorgeous dogs to boot – Fab!” Sheryl Ann Bowen

“Very informative, professional and definitely thought provoking! We have work to do in our house”. Jess Partridge

“Great evening, thoroughly enjoyable and learned so much from you!  Heel work is something we have always struggled with and will try your approach with our new pup”. Andrew Wood

19 May 2018 – Rotary Club of Great Britain, Frome

“Worth leaving the Royal Wedding for!” Dot Cretney
“The Rotary club of Frome were treated to a fantastic, entertaining, funny and informative afternoon. Stephen showed how to train a dog to be obedient in a gentle and kind way without the need to shout at the dogs at all. Plus you could tell that the dogs thoroughly enjoyed the experience. It was very clear that there was a great bond between man and his dogs. We all loved the demonstration – even those who were not dog owners, and we all went away with a healthy respect for Stephen and his love of his profession and his dogs. Thank you Stephen”. Rotarian Ernie McKenna- Frome Somerset 

16 June 2018 – Berwick St. John

Stephen and his excellent human/ canine team came to the Berwick St John Fete in June 2018 – the first time we had included a gundog demonstration or fun dog show at the Fete, and it proved a great success. Extremely professional, great fun and lots of good tips!

Hi Stephen, Thanks so much to you & your human and canine team at the weekend – it was a great success and the feedback was wonderful. The display and dog show contributed to a great result on the day of well over £9,500 (of which half was the auction) so thank you so much. We’d love you to come back to Berwick at some point and we’ll think about when and how the best way of doing so soon. Best wishes, Helen Boyd.

23-30 June 2018 – Bude 

(daily training workshops for members of the public, full demonstrations)

Having recently had a new pup join our family we took him to a demonstration performed by Stephen and his dogs in Bude. We were amazed by the control Stephen had of his dogs. They were so eager to please. We’ve just had our first training session. Stephen’s instruction was excellent, being clear and concise. It has given us confidence to practise these new skills and start our pup out on the right footing. Although it’s early days, we have high hopes for our youngster and are looking forward to working with our new exercises! We would recommend Stephen 110%. Mandy Baker

We watched Stephen & his dogs at the weir this morning totally unexpected, we had just popped out for breakfast but Fraser persuaded us to watch. His dogs were to an amazing standard & I was impressed with the place board technique. Steve looked totally at ease with his dogs & they responded to him without question albeit for the goose poo ! Stephen Rowland

Trip to The Weir today & saw a display by One Man & his Gundogs- blown away by this demo. Should’ve taken more photos but was so enthralled with watching I forgot! Louise Cummings if you’re still in the area, you would love this! They’re in Bude this week 😀 

8 July 2018Penton Mewsey

This is the second time that Stephen and his dogs have performed at the Penton Fete, a quite outstanding display last time and again this year – ample explanation for why we were so keen to get him back for this year’s fete!  Stephen put on a masterful and engaging demonstration of gundog obedience to an amazed crowd at the Penton Fete; a challenging day on what was likely to be the hottest day of the July roasting that we have all had, and one to which both he and his dogs rose with ease and dedication!  His Labradors’ and spaniels’ retrieval skills impressed us all and Stephen’s advanced control and calm manner along with his great banter and humorous dog tricks was a great crowd pleaser and completely won the day. Thank you, Stephen, for a great display and we will definitely be asking him back again next time – it’s a true winner of a display.”Paul Booth, Penton Fete Chairman

5 August 2018Wessex Country Fair

“I have seen Stephen on a number of occasions and every time it’s outstanding to watch. The command and control he has over his dogs is amazing and he does so effortlessly…. His dogs light up like children in a sweet shop when they go to work. Work, is the wrong word ‘play’ is more like it. First class all the time. Well done Stephen & more importantly his dogs. See you again soon Andrew, Ole GSD & Fern cockerP.” Andrew Nothard

“Fantastic day out at the Wessex Country Fair watching Stephen & his team doing amazing work with his gorgeous dogs. Making everyday commands look so simple, hats off! We know just how hard it is & will continue to work with our beautiful rescue dog Lily, picking up tips learned at the show, who has already made huge progress in the months we have had her.” Marisa Allen

19 August 2018Martin Clunes’s Buckham Fair

8 September 2018Frome Agricultural Show