Mar 252017

We’ve been booked to appear at the Thornton-le-Dale Country Show, near Pickering in North Yorkshire, on 9 August. We thought we’d use the opportunity to spend a week in this beautiful part of the country.

I’ve been scouring the net for a pet-friendly cottage nearby and have come across quite a few. Only problem is that 99% of them will accept 1 or 2 dogs but not 3, even with my assurances that my 3 would be well behaved. Is there a big difference? I don’t think so.

It would be a real shame to have to cry off for lack of somewhere to stay. And no, we’re not going to do the 600 miles round trip in a day. And no, the C-in-C will not entertain camping or even glamping. And as for kipping in the truck? Divorce threatened.

Can’t say I blame her. 

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