Jan 192014

It’s been a good weekend!

On Saturday morning, Daisy and I attended the second of our sessions with Howard Kirby on the Platinum Gundog course. We had worked hard on all aspects of her training since the first session and I’m pleased to report that our efforts seem to have paid off. Daisy performed beautifully, hunting, retrieving and delivering to hand over long distances, demonstrating an ability that belies her young age. She shone amongst older, wiser and more experienced dogs and even managed to achieve the elusive “eye wipe” by finding and retrieving a dummy that the other dogs had failed to find. I’m so chuffed with her progress, even if she still has a lot of growing up to do.

Today, Andrea and I plus both dogs spent a couple of hours in the glorious sunshine on Salisbury Plain with the lovely Claire Bithrey and her lab Mika, training our respective dogs to be steady in the presence of other dogs that are working. Good fun and really good value!

Finally, Pop and I spent 30 minutes going through our tricks routine, one which I hope she’ll be able to show off during the forthcoming display season if her health improves.

As stated, a near-perfect doggy weekend!

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