Dec 202016

I thought we might get away with going through the first shooting season in the last 8 years without any of the girls having to undergo surgery. Wrong!

Daisy was operated on today after slicing off a pad on her front paw – a really nasty injury. Poppy also has hurt herself and is limping. Both are now recovering: Daisy will be off games for 2 weeks and Poppy will not work again this week.  The vet said that their superb fitness will help ensure a speedy recovery.

I always feel guilty when these things happen, even though I know injuries come with the territory. It really upsets me to see them in pain.  Their pain and suffering aside, the cost of an operation, medications and post-op visits is also something that I could have done without just before Xmas.

That said, I will always spend whatever is necessary to keep them fit and healthy. Fingers crossed for a speedy return to fitness and an injury-free remainder of the season.

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