Jul 212017

One of the hardest skills to master in dog training is knowing when to stop training!

Particularly when things are going well, it’s human nature to want to do the exercise again or to make it harder. For example, if you have managed to get Fido to sit/stay for 30 seconds at 10 yards, we often (but mostly boys!) think “I wonder if he can manage 60 seconds at 20 yards” and so on. Before you know it, Fido will fail – and then you will have just undone all your previous hard work. Not only that, but you’ll probably tell Fido off, he’ll feel bad and you’ll feel frustrated. Nobody wins.

So, try and develop the ability to recognise when things are going really well – and then stop! Fido and you will finish on a high and the next time you take him training, he’ll want more of the same.

Try it. It works, I promise.

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