Sep 042016

My friends clubbed together and bought me the most perfect birthday present – a day training under this country’s most successful gundog trainer, Ian Openshaw.

On Tuesday, my friends and I will all set off at sparrow’s for Exeter to take part in a walked-up training day with Ian on live game. I’m really looking forward to this unique opportunity to learn from the master. I’ve decided to take Daisy, the 3 year old labrador, as Poppy is now getting on and Tilly is far too young. I know that Ian is a spaniel man with well over 100 Field Trial Champions to his name, so I hope that Daisy will be on form!

I’m rarely nervous as a teacher, but now that I’m going to be a student again, I must confess to being a bit anxious. I’ve decided that the best policy will be to keep mouth shut, ears open and allow Daisy to do any talking.

Fingers crossed!

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