Jul 082014


A few days after deciding no longer to insure the dogs on the grounds that it had become prohibitively expensive, guess what happens. Yes, Murphy’s law kicks in: Poppy has developed a problem and has started to bleed and discharge from her “bits”! Worrying development for a spayed 6 year old.

So it’s off to the vet again tomorrow with a sample of urine to embark, no doubt, on yet another course of antibiotics. I just hope it’s nothing more serious than cystitis and that we’ll be ok for Saturday’s demo.


Yup, more antibiotics is the first step. There is blood in the urine. If they don’t work, sample of urine taken directly from the bladder will be the next step (ouch!) followed by scans to locate “growth abnormalities”. Poor Pops and poor wallet! Still, at least we have the green light to carry on with our schedule of demos. Sigh ……

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