Jan 162017

Is veterinary treatment an exact science? Almost certainly not. But when three vets each give different advice, the blind faith that we mere mortals place in these highly qualified and skilled individuals has to be shaken, doesn’t it?

When the differences in advice are minor, it doesn’t really matter. But when one says: glue the wound with no need to operate; a second says general anaesthetic and stitches; and a third says local anaesthetic and staple, I, for one, am left wondering what to do, particularly when the advice is preceded by “If you like, we can …..”.

What I like is not important: it’s what is best for the dog that matters, isn’t it? Yes, cost is a factor, but the cost doesn’t affect what is the best solution for the dog.

In the final analysis, I just chose the option that I thought was best for Poppy. I hope my judgement was right. As for the vets, I’m sure that each of them was motivated by nothing other than the best interests of the dog.

Or am I being naive?

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