Nov 042017

2 of my dogs are petrified of fireworks.

It’s strange, as they will both be with me all day today, right next to shotguns being fired and won’t bat an eyelid. They’ve been exposed to the sound of guns for many years and love it. That’s because they associate the sound of guns with the possibility of a retrieve.

But it only takes the noise and/or sight of a distant firework to send the tails between the legs and for them both to start shaking with fear: Tilly just looks at the 2 older dogs with mild amusement!

We know that we have to ignore rather than comfort, we try to keep the house noise levels high and the curtains closed, we have places of refuge – we’ve read and heed all the advice that is out there. But I guarantee you that, despite all this, we’ll be in for an anxious, trembling and whining night tonight – and the dogs won’t be happy either!

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