Dec 102013

Here’s today’s teaser:

A man goes into the vet’s surgery and is prescribed tablets for his dog. He is told that the 30 tablets will cost ……..£116!!!!

He picks himself up off the floor and questions what he perceives to be the very high cost. He is told “This is specialist medication, but you can try the internet if you wish”.

He decides to buy the tablets from the vet, as he believes that a) his dog needs the medication now and can’t wait for an internet order to be delivered and b) that the price of the same medication bought off the internet would not differ significantly from the vet’s charges.

Man goes home, logs on, finds the exact same medication in the same strength and quantity made by the same manufacturer for ………£42.50!!!!!!

What would you do in his position? (apart from hope you become a vet in your next life)

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