Sep 112018

The Frome Show on Saturday saw us put on our last appearances not only of 2018 but also for the foreseeable future. We put on 2 of our best performances, perhaps because there was that end of term atmosphere. The feedback from this show has been unparalleled.

Kim Swain, who has been my training partner and who has appeared alongside me in dozens of shows, has decided to call it a day. This, coupled with the fact that Poppy will be 11 next year and showed signs this year of struggling with some of the tricks we do, means that it is probably time for me to step back from shows too.

We’ve had a fantastic time: Poppy and I have done 105 shows together; and Andrea, Kim, Alan and Max have been there every step of the way. The real stars have been Poppy, Daisy, Tilly, Bee, Snip and Dot – they know the routine now better than I do! I owe them all a huge debt of thanks.

What next? Who knows. Let’s get the shooting season out of the way before we decide on where we go next. Maybe it’ll be a case of Aga, pipe & slippers. But maybe not!

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