May 012015


Fingers crossed? Check!

Rabbit’s foot packed? Check!

Rehearsals done? Check!

Training treats prepared? Check!

Assessment course committed to memory? Check!

Lucky lead and favourite whistle ready? Check!

Sunday sees the final assessments for all the handlers and dogs on the Foundation and Bronze courses at Mullenscote Dog Training Centre, all 23 of them. These are the first courses that I have run solo and I so want the owners and dogs to do well! I don’t know who is more nervous, they or I!

Nothing more I can do now. The independent Assessor will mark clients on what she sees, not on all the hard work we have put in over the last six weeks. I’ve told all the handlers to try and treat it as a routine training session, but I don’t even believe myself! Nerves will be our greatest enemy, I’m sure. And these will transfer to the dogs, no matter how hard we try and look relaxed.

Judge bribed? Tomorrow.

P45 signed? Not yet …………….

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