Oct 062013

I know I’ve oozed hyperbole before, but today’s demo at Breamar House was simply outstanding!

It was as if the dogs knew that this was the last one of the year and they just waltzed through the routine. Yes, Pops was lacking a little energy but, in her defence, I had spent Saturday beating with her so she was understandably jaded. The crowd loved her and Daisy so much that they asked for more! Unprecedented! We ended up doing 40 mins.

We received many lovely comments after the performance and were still chatting to members of the audience nearly 2 hours later, including to the Director of AONB who promised she would be in touch soon “to see what we can do together in the future“. I had offers from the dog agility team and the terrier racing team to do joint performances next year. I actually ran out of business cards: I had taken 40 with me, more in hope than in anticipation: I gave them all out. Given that we don’t charge for our appearances, the expenses are mounting!

What a way to finish the show season. Couldn’t be happier? For Daisy it’s time to start pushing the training envelope a bit. We start tomorrow with a lesson with my good friend, mentor and the best dog trainer in the country, Howard Kirby.

Bring it on.

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