Aug 312013

If I had any hair, I’d be pulling it out now.

Daisy has been on heat for 3 weeks now. Aside from having to be very careful where we train and watching every other dog with deep suspicion as they make a beeline for my little girl, we’ve had Daisy wearing boys’ underpants to avoid staining all the carpets. I’ve been washing underpants, bedding, floors and all surfaces religiously for 3 weeks – which is the length of time I thought the season would last.

So when the bleeding stopped on Thursday, I jumped for joy and went to the vet to book her appointment to be spayed 12 weeks from now, the end of the season. They told me that, whilst the bleeding may have stopped, this did not mean that the season was over. In fact, she would remain fertile for another 10 – 14 days! So that’ll be 5 weeks in all!

So it’s back to training where there are no more dogs. At least we can ditch the undies! But how do I know when the season is finally over?

God this girly stuff is difficult!

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