Feb 092015


Went to see a litter of 7 bundles of fur today, a litter of fox red Labradors I have been tracking for some time. Beautiful pups, well-bred and adorable they may have been, but, in spite of the fact that their sire (whom I know) and dam are both dark fox red, their pups were more pale. I had wanted a deep fox red – that’s why I selected these parents.

I know that pups can darken as they get older, but I also know that they can become even fairer, like Daisy. So, with genuine regret and after much soul-searching, we had to thank Alex Barton for allowing us first pick but had to walk away.

It would have been easier to have been seduced by one of the bundles of fluff and to have bought one. But I think if you are going to make a 10-15 year investment into a pet, you need to be 100% happy with your choice.

Head won over heart this time, and the search goes on.

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