Jul 282014



It’s always very rewarding to receive any feedback from show organisers. Too often, having given of my time free of charge to support a particular event, I hear absolutely nothing . What I have found is that anyone who is or has been connected to the Military is far more likely to take the time and make the effort to say thank you. It makes such a difference. Good manners are drilled in to you in the Services and it costs nothing to display them.
The folks at Help for Heroes have been kind enough to write to me individually.
Bryn Parry OBE, co-founder and CEO of Help for Heroes, wrote:
It was good to meet you this afternoon and to see your superb dog demonstration and to get advice on wayward spaniels!

Good to meet you and I look forward to meeting again. 

Best wishes,


Samantha Male, the Regional Coordinator at Help for Heroes, wrote:

Thank you so much for attending our first ever Band of Brothers and Band of Sisters summer fete. Your gun dog show was fantastic, and I am so glad that you could be a part of the day.

Ali Richmond, a Manager at Help for Heroes, wrote:

Thank you so much for coming along to the Fete at Tedworth House.  The dog display was fantastic and we have had some great feedback.  I have got a large hairy golden doodle that could do with some of your magic touch!

Thank you to all the good people at Tedworth House for all the fabulous work you do for our Bands of Brothers and Sisters.

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