Nov 102015


Another injury to Daisy!

She tried to jump a barbed wire fence this morning after I had sent her for a partridge and she caught the inside of one of her back legs on the top of the fence. She dangled upside down, impaled on the fence, struggling to free herself. Her struggling caused her to rip her tummy open. My heart was in my mouth as I ran the 100 metres to her as fast as my little fat legs could carry me. By the time I got to her, she had freed herself and was running around as normal.

Off to the vet again, 3rd visit in the space of a week.

She’s now been treated and is feeling sorry for herself. Bed rest for 5 days, antibiotics, pain killers and hibiscrub washes are the doctor’s orders.

Feel really bad about what happened. Should have given her the stop whistle before she reached the fence. My stupidity has left her injured – again. Poor Daisy.

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