Feb 012015


We’ve reached the end of the season without injury or major mishap, for which I must be thankful. And now the time has come for the girls to have a rest from the relentless round of shooting days, beating, picking up and Dad being on their case every day.

The above photo was taken the day after the final day of the season with Daisy and Poppy curled up together in front of the fire. And they will continue to have a holiday from training for about 3 weeks or so and then we’ll start again, preparing not only for the few shows that I committed to before I took the decision not to do any more, but also to try and iron out the problems that have emerged this season in the shooting field.

But all that’s for another day. Now is the time for sleeping, playing, eating, curling up with Mum and Dad on the sofa, good quality food, visits to the dog groomer and generally enjoying a well deserved rest!

What they don’t know yet is that Dad is going to see a litter of Labradors next week. Who knows,they may have a baby sister ‘ere too long …….!

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