Sep 052013

Saturday sees us performing in our home village at the annual food festival. Until recently, I hadn’t given this particular event much thought, regarding it as just a more informal, relaxed version of what we’ve been doing all year.

But now that the day is upon us, and with many villagers and neighbours whom I see every day around the parish telling me how much they’re looking forward to it, the pressure’s building! Unlike other shows where I don’t know anybody and can flee the scene if things go wrong and never have to face any members of the audience again, on this occasion there’ll be no escape from the ribbing we’ll get for evermore from our fellow Codforders if things don’t quite go to plan.

Plus I’ve been told that a couple of fellow trainers and prospective clients are travelling to come and see what we do and how we do it, so we’ll have to be on our best behaviour. They’ve allocated us one hour for the demo – far too long: 30 mins is more than enough!

But we’re well prepared and have done our routines many times before, so there’s no need for angst! Let’s just hope that Pops and Daisy pull out all the stops.

After a spell of lovely weather, let’s also hope that the forecast of rain for Saturday is wide of the mark.


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