May 272016


We’re off! Dilly ding, dilly dong (with apologies to Claudio Ranieri!)

Bank Holiday Monday sees our long-awaited first show of this year, due to the cancellation of an earlier event.

Horrington Fair, Wells, Somerset, is the venue with a reputation for great live music provided by acclaimed musicians. It has been organised with military precision: I thought my attention to detail was enthusiastic! Well, you ain’t seen nothing until you have witnessed the level of preparation that has gone into staging the Horrington Fair!

We’re on at 2 o’clock and little Tilly makes her maiden performance in an arena in front of a crowd. We’ve been acclimatising her to PA systems but anything could happen once she enters the ring: she could shut down, run off, tour the arena greeting some new mates ……or she could perform well! Oh well, at 12 weeks of age, I think we can cut her some slack!

The weather is set fair, the truck is kitted out and painted, batteries are charged and rehearsals complete. All we need now is for all the dogs to get out of bed on the right side on Monday morning and we’ll be quids in!

Here’s the address:

Wells Cricket Club
Old School Lane
South Horrington

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