Aug 182013

We had a great day! Yes, the weather was lousy: it bucketed it down during the whole performance and the turnout was therefore understandably low, but nevertheless the dogs were just fabulous!

Barry was there to help out with Jess and their display was superb – testament to all the hard work and perseverance on Barry’s part. I thought Jess did herself and her owners proud with a faultless display.

Daisy was just lovely and Poppy, with the exception of not wanting to salute for some reason, just enthralled the crowd, especially the children who squealed with delight as she whirled, twirled and jumped. A really fun day. Thank you to Andrea and Shelley for their help organising and marshalling the dogs and to Sue and Paul Le Provost for their hospitality and organisation.


The team plus happy children!

  2 Responses to “Iwerne Minster Show”

  1. Yes the weather was rotten but the dogs were super and all of us who braved the elements enjoyed their performance. Daisy was delightful and Poppy did everything asked of her, albeit her salute took a little while.

  2. We’ve decided that Poppy’s reluctance to salute was her way of protesting at having to perform in the pouring rain! That’s our story anyway, and we’re sticking to it.
    But this blip did not, I should stress, detract from her overall performance.
    I think sometimes that we (and others) expect too much of what is unquestionably a very talented and affectionate little dog.

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