Aug 052014


The heavens were open all morning, flash floods hit neighbouring villages and it all looked a bit tricky for the village’s fundraiser in support of Jack Fishwick who had such a life-changing accident in March.

But someone was smiling down on us and by midday the thunder clouds had rolled back to reveal clear blue skies. It was all hands on deck to set everything up, marshal the raffle prizes, ice the cakes, brew the tea. And then we were off! It was amazing to see how many people had donated their time, services and possessions to ensure a bumper payout for Jack! We played our part and delivered probably the best show of the year so far.

Three hours later, the cash tills registered an amazing £9,500 raised! Brilliant. But there’s another £40k+ to find and many events are planned for later in the year including a black tie dinner at Wilton House in the company of Sting and Eric Clapton! We’ve booked already.

Onwards we go to the Ellingham Show near Ringwood this Saturday the 9th, probably the biggest show we’ll do this year. It’ll be a challenge, as neither Andrea nor Barry are available to help throw dummies, fire pistols and manage the dogs. But I’m sure I’ll manage.

I’ve also recently made myself available to the Wessex Country Fair on the 16th at the magnificent Wilton House in aid of the Salisbury Hospice. It was inconceivable that I should say no when asked to help yet another worthwhile charity.

That’ll make 5 shows in August alone: just hope I’m not loading the dogs up too much……

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