Jul 232015

imageJudge Judy has become my nickname used by Howard Kirby for whom I work at Mullenscote Dog Training Centre, or JJ for short! Why? Because I happen to be a Justice of the Peace sitting in Wiltshire Law Courts, predominantly in Salisbury.  And what relevance does this have to gundogs? Answer: none, other than I have sat on a number of animal cruelty cases involving dogs and have stood down from one particular case, as I felt I could not remain impartial.

Tomorrow is my assessment day in Salisbury Law Courts. I feel as nervous about this as I do before a dog demonstration. If successful, I will be qualified to train as a Chairman of the Court which is where my judicial ambitions lie. So today the leads, whistles and dummies will lie idle; whereas the law books, case studies and sentencing guidelines will be hammered. Half-moon glasses will be polished, stern voice practiced and suitably serious expressions perfected.

I just need to make sure I don’t get caught speeding on the way to court!

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