Nov 212014

Cropped dogs in front of car

Just returned from a day of torrential rain on our local shoot. Everyone and every dog was soaked! Am I glad that both the dogs and I wear Lansdown Country Clothing! Some of the dogs’ owners had no coats at all to put on their dogs, some had equafleeces, towelling coats etc – all of which I have tried, but none of them wick away the moisture from a wet dog, stop them shivering and then keep them as warm and dry as effectively as the Lansdown Therma-dry Gundog Coats.

 There’s only one small gap in the Lansdown gundog coat arsenal: the coats aren’t waterproof. So, if the outside of the coat gets wet, it doesn’t wick away the moisture as well. But I don’t put the coats on when it’s raining anyway, only once the dogs have stopped working and are under cover, so it’s not too much of an issue. The main aim is to prevent what I saw today: a truck full of shivering wet dogs at the end of the day – less my two!

 I wore the Lansdown jumper and cap, which, with their thermal layers and shower proof qualities, also helped keep me warm and dry.

 And before the cynics chip in with “You would say that, they sponsor you” I would respond by saying that I receive not a single penny or item from Lansdown Country, in fact nothing at all. I chose them and am happy to promote their products at events because, IMHO, if you are a caring dog owner, you cannot buy better.

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