Aug 122017

Oh the embarrassment of it all!

Yes, I had to be towed on to the showground at the Thornton Le Dale Show by a tractor! Years of being in a tank regiment were of no use as I floundered in Somme-esque  mud after 2 days of incessant rain. But I was in good company – every single vehicle attending the show had to be towed on!

We’re back now from a wet but fantastically successful and enjoyable show ‘up North! What lovely, accommodating and welcoming people. Kim and I put on two 40 minute displays in the heart of gundog training country but needn’t have worried. Our displays were really well received, even to the extent that someone is driving down 300 miles for a lesson!

But , as for my cross country driving skills, it was cringe-worthy! Let’s hope that next week’s event at Martin Clunes’ estate isn’t so wet.  If it is, Andrea can do the driving and I will advise from a distance. That way I can do what I always did when I was a tank commander – blame the driver!

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