Jul 062015


It was the Winterbourne Fete last Saturday, a quintessentially British and well-organised event run by lovely people.

As usual, we had rehearsed for the show. As usual, there had been some moments during training when interviews had taken place during which coffee had not been served following which the girls had been foot perfect …..

Come the day of the show however, Poppy once again displayed her naughtiness (or cleverness?). Knowing that I couldn’t and wouldn’t “interview” her in public as I do in training, she just sauntered into the ring, went on walkabouts, said hello to the crowd around the ring, sniffed at a few picnics, picked a dummy out of the training bag and generally stuck up two fingers at the fat bald bloke in the middle of the ring who was trying to impress with his allegedly well trained pooches!

Through clenched teeth, I bluffed my way and eventually she deigned to do the routine we had practiced so many times before! The crowd thought it was all part of the tricks routine and we were well received by the crowd.

And today? Yes, in the confines of the garden, she was once again Miss Butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-my-mouth-Goody2shoes during our morning session. Little bugger!

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