Aug 092013

Splashed out on a new raised bed for the dogs from Hi K9. Already have a small one for Poppy and had a large plastic bed for the growing Daisy. But she always ended up cramming herself on to Poppy’s bed leaving them both squished up on a small bed with the big bed vacant!

So I bought another larger Hi K9 bed and now they both fit comfortably on to the same bed. These beds really are good: as they’re raised off the ground, circulation of air is good, thereby reducing smells and dirt under the bed. Plus, the mesh cover can be washed down with a hose making the whole thing hygienic and maintenance-friendly. I also bought a vetbed sleeve that fits over the bed: they’ll be all snugly now!

These beds are not cheap, but if you use them for 10 years, the daily costs are tiny. Thoroughly recommended.

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