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  1. Thanks for the accolade Stephen, but it’s really not necessary.
    I’m just glad to help. Now, a knighthood on the other hand……..

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Yes the weather was rotten but the dogs were super and all of us who braved the elements enjoyed their performance. Daisy was delightful and Poppy did everything asked of her, albeit her salute took a little while.

  3. We’ve decided that Poppy’s reluctance to salute was her way of protesting at having to perform in the pouring rain! That’s our story anyway, and we’re sticking to it.
    But this blip did not, I should stress, detract from her overall performance.
    I think sometimes that we (and others) expect too much of what is unquestionably a very talented and affectionate little dog.

  4. Stephen, Our wee JRT has had a few grass seeds up her nose and in her eyes recently causing irritation. Its that time of year. Bonny has been bathing her eyes which seems to help. Good luck.

  5. Thanks for this Clemo. We discussed with the vet the possibility of there being a grass seed obstruction somewhere – it can be very serious: a good friend of mine lost his Springer when a grass seed in his nose migrated to the brain.
    If the cause of her symptoms is viral, the antibiotics should have made a difference by tomorrow night. So if the symptoms persist thereafter, we will know that it’s an obstruction. Then we’re into general anaesthetics etc …

  6. Over the years we have seen many dog training demonstrations but this was one of the best. Stephen’s style was so engaging and even though we are unlikely to ever go shooting we were inspired to get the clicker back out!
    It was fun as well as instructive, if only we had a fraction of his skill, how happy would our cockapoo be!
    Look forward to seeing him and his dogs again.

  7. Thank you Sally for your kind words. I’m really pleased you enjoyed the show. Please give me a call if you need any help with your Cockapoo! I hope we meet again at some future show.

  8. Fabulous show and wonderfully behaved dogs! Loved it!

  9. Freddie, you’re not only very kind to say this, but you’re also a star performer in every way! Let’s hope we can work together next year. Hugs to you and your dogs, quacks to your ducks and a harrumph to Victor!

  10. having just attended the Winterslow celebrations for the queen,s birthday I was absolutely amazed and amused by the gun dog demonstration of training methods, tricks and commands. Stephen,s wit and humour made it so interesting and fun, but the bond between him and the dogs was incredible, they just wanted to please him. When I get another dog I shall certainly be looking to him for advice.

  11. We thoroughly enjoyed One Man and His Gundogs at the Firsdown and Winterslow Fayre last weekend. We have lots of dog lovers in the area (owners and non-owners). Not only was it a treat to watch his wonderful dogs at work, but it was great fun to later see lots of local dogs take part in the competitions. The sit-stay competition was incredible – clearly we have a lot of well behaved dogs around here!

    The gun dog display was fascinating, the companion dog show was very amusing and both were extremely well run.

    Thank you so much for your part in making the Firsdown and Winterslow Fayre 2016 so fabulous. I would strongly recommend One Man and His Gundogs.

  12. Thank you Emma for your lovely comments! I’m so pleased you enjoyed our performances. I thought the companion dog and handlers competitions were simply hilarious – the best we’ve ever seen!
    Please pop in and say hello if you’re at any of our future events: I’d love to thank you personally!

  13. Hi I’m sally a activities Co ordinator at a nursing in rushden just wondering about your agility classes my residents are mixed early on dementia and adults with learning disabilities I think this would be great for far would you travel.also how much is the charge for a session. Be great to hear from you.

  14. Well you won’t get flack from me. Kindness in my opinion produces a much much better animal. I don’t mean soft as boundaries and respect are required in any pack, but kindness is also needed.

  15. Good luck at Thornton le dale show

  16. Today we watched an educational, entertaining and really enjoyable demonstration by Stephen and his team.
    He passed on a wealth of knowledge in dog handling and training in the most amusing way which captured the attention of the whole audience and watching his dogs want to do well for him was quite inspirational.
    Stephen`s use of reward and praise clearly showed how to get the best from your dog.

  17. I would love to learn the art of training a young dog to walk to heel. My 17month golden retriever bitch Lola can do it sometimes, but would rather sniff and pull and thinks she is in control and at the moment she clearly is.

  18. Thank you for the advise I will be good cop bad cop from now on. I hope soon to report a marked improvement as soon I hope to be training her for the display team.