Jul 092017

This is not 100% true, but it’s pretty much the truth! If Fido is distracted or is ignoring you, he’s probably not listening to you.

Getting a dog to focus on you is, IMHO, the Holy Grail of dog training. From focus stems a whole range of good behaviours. So we apply a few golden rules to help achieve focus:

1. The less you talk to Fido, the more he has to and will look at you for direction. The more you talk to Fido, the less authority your voice has.

2. During training, don’t give a command until and unless Fido is making eye contact.

3. Hold your treat near your chin to encourage Fido to look up.

4. Don’t reward Fido with a treat if he’s not looking at you; by doing so, you’re encouraging him to ignore you.

5. Don’t bribe Fido by dangling a treat in front of him to get him to look at you. No eye contact = no reward. Simples!

Try it! It works, I promise.



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