Aug 282013

Wrists deservedly slapped by Wiltshire View’s lovely and talented Editor, Heidi King, for posting the article that she wrote on me in May without first seeking her permission. Oops! But if I could choose anyone to slap me gently on the wrists, it would be Heidi!

So, I asked uncle Ron, my website guru, to take the article down and replace it with a link to the magazine, since when Heidi has given her permission for me to post it again, as long as I correctly attribute it to Wiltshire View. Don’t know yet if I will put it back up again, not least because it means asking Ron for yet another favour and advertising my technical ineptitude.

Sorry Heidi! I plead ignorance & naïveté washed down with bucket loads of contrition. Am I forgiven, or do I need to wait outside the Head’s office with a copy of the Beano stuffed down the back of my shorts?

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