Jan 122016


If I’ve been able to see far, it’s because I have been able to stand on the shoulders of canine giants


I need to thank my kennel maids, breeder, vet, canine nutritionist and podiatrist and everyone else I love. This award is for them, for without them none of this would have been possible (obligatory sob)

Just 2 of the quotes we didn’t hear when the latest round of foundation and bronze handlers and dogs received their certificates to mark their graduation from their 6 week course on Sunday at Mullenscote Dog Traning Centre. Everybody passed and it never ceases to bring a lump to my and Howard Kirby’s ample throats to see just how far the handler/dog teams have progressed in 6 short weeks.

As always, some progressed more than others. Special mention must go to Matt Blake with Fizz and Emily Summers and her elegant GSP/Weimeraner cross, Toggle, who just got on with it and both passed with a Distinction. I tried to convince Emily that she and her dog weren’t well matched and that I would do her the favour of taking Toggle off her – for free. She declined.

Next round of courses start on 23 and 24 January by which time I should have recovered from the post-Oscar parties currently raging around Hants and Wilts, the must-attend event for any aspiring canine Deb.

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