Jun 092014

The weather forecast was terrible for Saturday 7 June and this may have caused the low turnout at the Maiden Bradley Fete. In the end, the sun shone throughout!

It was not ideal that we had to compete with the fun dog show in the side arena on the other side of the field which, quite understandably, attracted many of the dog owners away from the main arena.

Nevertheless, we cracked on under a blazing sun! I used a head mic for the first time: the speakers were about 75 yards away. This meant that there was a delay between me speaking and hearing my own voice – very off-putting. It was a case of trying to blank out what I was hearing and just getting on with the commentary.

It all turned out OK, Poppy’s exhaustion in the heat led to a refusal to do the saluting trick – for which she was put on a charge! Otherwise, as always, the tricks went down well with a growing crowd.

His Grace The Duke of Somerset expressed his appreciation – that’s more than good enough for me!

Help for Heroes on Thursday 12 June at Mullenscote Gundogs is the next show. Hope it’s not too hot …….

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