Feb 012018

I have just received this from a lady who attended the training workshop I held a couple of weeks ago. She had approached me afterwards and was desperate for help with one of her dogs who was displaying aggression to her other dog and to other dogs that she encountered when out walking. Jazz had become a liability, a constant source of worry and unpleasant to be with. It had reached the point that she was no longer able to enjoy living with her dogs. I spoke at length to her and then sent her a comprehensive list of exercises to help realign Jazz’s behaviour, to re-establish the house hierarchy and to reintroduce calm. Here’s the result:

“No words can explain how grateful we are for your advice. I have read books etc but hearing it from you has made it so much easier to understand. Both Jazz and Tilly are totally calm already when we come into the house – it’s a pleasure coming in now. I feel as if a weight has been lifted from all our shoulders!
I can’t thank you enough.”
This is what makes what I do all worth while. I’ve never done the training for the money. In fact, the help I gave this lady (and most others) was totally free of charge. For me, it’s all about seeing dogs and owners lead more balanced, happier lives together. Result!
Jan 232018

With only 2 weeks of the shooting season left, I was beginning to count my blessings that, for the first time in 8 years, none of the dogs had sustained injuries this year – other than the normal cuts and grazes. Counted too soon …………

  • Poppy picked up a UTI infection and cystitis which saw her needing to wee every 5 minutes. Metacam and antibiotics.
  • Poppy ripped open her nose yesterday. Metacam, hibiscrub and antibiotics.
  • Daisy spiked herself on barbed wire causing an arterial bleed with blood pumping out of a leg wound. Managed to stem the flow. Sickness, lethargy, temperature. You guessed it, Metacam antibiotics and hibiscrub.
  • Just to add to the financial joy of pet ownership, Sparky the boy cat clocked in with a cool £340 bill for heart and liver issues! 

I feel as if I live at the vet’s surgery at the moment. Manor Farm Veterinary Surgery in Codford is just across the road from where we live: they have been superb with us for many years, specialising in working animals, so I am very grateful to all the nurses and vets.

Whilst the significant costs are unwelcome, I am more than happy to spend whatever it takes to keep my pets healthy. For me, it’s part of the deal when you take on any animal. If you can’t afford to care for it, don’t get it.

One more day’s work left for the dogs. I could keep them home, wrap them in cotton wool and keep them out of harm’s way. But they love what they do, they don’t complain when they’re hurt and they live to work. So here’s hoping Saturday evening doesn’t see me once again at the vet’s surgery collecting more  …. yes, you guessed it – Metacam and antibiotics!


Dec 222017

The pink and glittery placeboards I made as a Xmas present for a good friend and fellow dog trainer, Kim Swain, seem to have been well received! Here they are on their first outing, modelled by the adorable Vizsla Snip and the cheeky fox red labrador Tilly.

Once Tilly and Snip have finished strutting their stuff on the catwalk (dogwalk?) during the current sea trials, the glitzy boards will be making their first public appearance on the evening of January 19th when we deliver our dog training workshop in Wilton.

I wonder if the Paps (pups?) will be there to cover the unveiling?