Jul 012016

imageOur next show is this coming Sunday, 3 July, at 2pm at the Penton Mewsey Fete in Hampshire.

We’re appearing for a friend of mine, Alan Ellis, who not only runs the Tidworth Shoot but is also ex Royal Tank Regiment. This latter association could well come in useful, as I will have just returned from a 3RTR Officers’ reunion in the House of Lords hosted by Black Rod (also ex RTR) and may well be feeling a little delicate! Hopefully Alan will understand: I’m hoping it won’t be too noisy and that the dogs will be gentle with me!

To boot, following the demonstration, we are driving to Blandford Forum to catch the tail end of another 3RTR reunion, this time members of B Squadron 3 RTR who served under my good friend John Muir, an Aussie who commanded the squadron from 83-85 and who has come over to the UK especially to attend these two reunions! That’s Regimental loyalty for you!

Enough about that, we have to get some serious training in with the dogs – in between hangovers of course!

Hope to see loads of you on Sunday!

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