Sep 242013

Something’s not right with Pops.
She started snorting two nights ago and seemed to be lacking energy. Today she is not only snorting, but also sneezing and licking her nose – all classic symptoms of the dreaded kennel cough, the incidence of which has recently increased locally. But there’s no coughing, which makes me hopeful it’s something less serious.
I went to the vet yesterday but they couldn’t see me until later today. Both Pops and Daisy are vaccinated against kennel cough, but the fear remains that they will both have this highly infectious and potentially fatal disease.
So, it’ll be a quiet day for Pops today and we’ll see what the vet says. I spoke to the organisers of Sunday’s show today to warn them of the possibility of cancellation. They were disappointed at the prospect, but not half as concerned as I am about the welfare of my little girl.
Poorly Pops. Fingers crossed …….


Postscript. Vet has ruled out kennel cough! Yeah! But she couldn’t identify the cause of Pop’s symptoms. There could be a blockage somewhere in the respiratory tract or it could be an infection of the sinus. So she’s on antibiotics and I have to report progress on Thursday. But my main concern has been allayed.

Thursday evening and no improvement. In fact, she has had three choking fits suggesting an obstruction. Appointment with the vet tomorrow, no breakfast as an anaesthetic will probably be necessary for inspection of nasal and throat tracts. Fingers crossed again.

Vet has ruled out an obstruction and insists it’s viral now. She has now ruled back in the possibility of kennel cough. Left hand, right hand! More antibiotics, quiet weekend and a further trip to the vet on Monday. Worried of Codford.

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  1. Stephen, Our wee JRT has had a few grass seeds up her nose and in her eyes recently causing irritation. Its that time of year. Bonny has been bathing her eyes which seems to help. Good luck.

  2. Thanks for this Clemo. We discussed with the vet the possibility of there being a grass seed obstruction somewhere – it can be very serious: a good friend of mine lost his Springer when a grass seed in his nose migrated to the brain.
    If the cause of her symptoms is viral, the antibiotics should have made a difference by tomorrow night. So if the symptoms persist thereafter, we will know that it’s an obstruction. Then we’re into general anaesthetics etc …

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