Oct 292013

We’ve spent more time at the Vet’s than at home recently, or so it seems!

Pop is not herself. Not only has she cut her nose on blackthorn which has now gone septic requiring antibiotics, but she also has an eye infection for which we have eye drops.

But most worrying of all is her recent lacklustre and energy-less behaviour. Actually, this has been apparent since June, but I had put it down to boredom with all the demonstrations I was asking her to do. She musts trots around, half asleep, lacking in enthusiasm, drive and always tired.

Diagnosis? Under-active thyroid! Now facing a stark choice: leave her as she is and accept that she will remain lacklustre and probably put on weight; or put her on a course of medication which she will have to stay on for life to increase her metabolic rate.

Early days yet, but my instinct is to accept her for how she is and allow her to grow old, fat and fluffy in front of the fire and not have her taking pills for the rest of her life. She can still go training, just not at the same pace. And we might have to say farewell to doing gundog demos.

Haven’t decided what to do yet. Bit misy.

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