Aug 292013

In a bit of a quandary.

I need a remote dummy launcher to train the marked & memory retrieves but, most of all, steadiness to shot and flush. It’s no good using a hand held launcher, as Poppy (and increasingly Daisy now) knows when I have it in my hand and she just anticipates me firing the launcher. I need one that I can activate remotely so that the dogs are taken by complete surprise and I can train steadiness in.

Problem is that I’ve had 2 of these before, both from Lite Launcher, who now have the monopoly in this market since Bumper Boy closed. I had to return both within a week as the electronics failed. So my confidence in the product was and remains dented, despite the fact that I know many trainers who have had years of trouble-free service out of these devices. Plus, I know that Lite Launchers are used regularly at all the Game fair tests and trials, so far without a hiccup.LL-Double-Back-Left[1]

At £250 a throw, I don’t want to waste my money, so I spoke today to the manufacturers who made all the right noises about improvements, robustness, reliability etc. The thing is I can’t afford for these things to fail when I’m doing a show. It is just not professional to have faulty equipment.

So, the $64,000 question is: do I take the plunge again and hope I don’t get another Friday afternoon device or do I wait until someone else comes along with a tried and tested alternative?

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