2019 Shows & Testimonials


10 January – Trowbridge Training Workshop

Just a brief note to say how much we enjoyed your demonstration last week. We found your explanation and the background behind your training, absolutely fascinating, and to see the results with Daisy, Poppy and Tilly was just amazing. This was all the more so because two of them were recovering from injuries, sustained just the week before, whilst working. Perhaps the highlight was seeing how you had managed to train all of them to overcome their ‘base instinct’ of wishing to ‘snaffle’ the cooked sausage as they literally walked over it! It was hard not to feel sympathetic, as each dog took at least three or more glances, ‘over their shoulder’, as they contemplated what they were missing. Incredible! A truly memorable display and demonstration of how a sound training regime can transform the relationship between a dog and its owner.” Tim & Carole Awmack

10 March – Mudeford Training Workshop

You were wonderful, just what the doctor ordered! What a brilliant routine you have – they all loved it so much!” Claire

6 May – Hurstbourne Priors May Fair

 “We watched a wonderful demo by Stephen and his dogs at the Hurstbourne Priors May Fair and then he spent time teaching my son and new puppy some basic skills. Thank you  so much! A great result and a big hit!” Oliver Dallyn

“Thank you so much for all your – and your girls’ hard work, two and four legged.  We have had many comments about your show and the clinics, you did.  Please, please will you pencil in coming again next year?  I hope not too many other local shows don’t try and steal our star attraction!!” Clare Read

“You and the team were a definite hit with our crowd, as I fully expected. There will be huge support to invite you back next year. I know you were thinking of easing back on shows, but could we persuade you to pencil us in your diary for next year ?” Kim French

8 June – Berwick St John Fete

“It was marvellous to have you back again Stephen. Your demonstration and the fun competitions you ran were the star attractions of the whole day! Please come back next year …”

15 June – Codford Village Fete

“You and your dogs and their love for you and their pride in doing what they love was amazing! What you can do with your dogs will stay with me for ever! You are my inspiration – honestly the best dog show I have ever seen!” Claudia Vigo

“We look forward to seeing you every year and we all absolutely love your show and your fabulous dogs!” Lorraine Taylor

13 July – Winterslow Fete

Dear Stephen, Many thanks for your support in contributing towards a wonderful village event today. I really enjoyed your demonstration, dog show fun and fantastic enthusiasm, not to mention amazing skills with your dogs. Kind regards,
Steve Langdown

27 July – Larkrise Farm Fete

Posted on “Spotted in Trowbridge” web site:

I just want to give a massive shout out to “one man and his gundogs” who was at larkrise community farm today for their summer fete and dog show, not only did he put on an outstanding performance with his beautiful dogs , he had the welfare of ALL dogs their at heart, well done on such an incredible performance! 👌  

Here, here! He was a fantastic guy, and it was a lovely community fete 🙂 Sue Cook  

Well done Larkrise farm: a brilliant event today! In particular, One Man and his Gun Dogs

Thank you both SO much for today! You really went above and beyond. We are delighted that we booked you, you made the day what it was and you were the highlight of everybody’s visit. Thank you x.  Rosie Fell.

1 August – Wylye Valley Riding for the Disabled

Thank you so much for coming to camp to give us the demonstration from your amazing dogs last week. Everyone loved it! Paul Butcher

Spot on! You were fantastic! Kit Pottow

4 August – Wessex Country Fair

“I was lucky enough to watch One Man and his Gundogs at The Wessex Country Fair recently and even luckier to chat with him after the demonstration. On mentioning writing a review of his demonstration, Stephen, tongue in cheek, informed me of the correct spellings for some adjectives I might need for the review – he told me “there are two p’s in appalling and two b’s in rubbish”! Of course these are two adjectives I would never have need of using when reviewing one of Stephen’s demonstrations, however, it highlights his wonderful humility and sense of humour which shines through fantastically when you watch him.
Stephen starts with some classic dog training but makes it accessible for anyone. He follows with a brilliant display of his Gundogs’ skills, which is a joy to watch. You leave feeling you can achieve great things with your dog too, which is wonderfully empowering and an amazing achievement from one man in a demonstration with his dogs. 
Then there’s the fun and tricks which always gets the audience going! Stephen does “voices” for the dogs and a brilliant array of tricks which particularly appeals to children but entertains the adults brilliantly as well. The trick at the end with Daisy “fooling” Stephen is genius and brings laughter all round!
It is the very fact that Stephen doesn’t take himself too seriously that is part of the charm of the show. If it’s hot and his dogs don’t perform perfectly, that’s fine. I love that. There’s no pressure and therefore it ends up being a lot of fun to watch.
You cannot help but smile and feel good when you watch One Man and his Gundogs. In this world of increasing connectivity, competition and complications, the fact that a man in a field with his beloved dogs can achieve this and enrapture and lift his audience is nothing short of astounding.
Thank you and the dogs so much for a wonderful show Stephen.”
Lorraine Taylor

14 September – Frome Agricultural & Cheese Show