Jun 112015


We appeared at the Sutton Veny Dog Show last Sunday by invitation of Gina Parsons of Passionate Pets, a local and trustworthy pet sitting business. Loads of local dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds attended – and most of them entered the 10 classes in the dog show. In addition to doing our demonstration, I was asked to judge all 10 classes, provide commentary and interview all the handlers! I had to ensure that my natural bias for gundogs was not too transparent when awarding prizes, but I did make it clear that, not unlike Mr Blatter, I was quite open to bribes, inducements or any other form of persuasion when reaching my decisions! We had a lovely day and some flattering comments too, including these from Anne Filkins:

Dear Stephen, You were brilliant! It was tough on you to judge every class and run commentary AND then do your turn. You and the dogs were very well received, all the folk around me were in awe of you and your girls. Wowed and amused in all the right places. The show was a great success, largely thanks to you. Anne

We’re off this Saturday to support our local veterinary surgery, Manor Farm in Codford, the staff of which are holding an Open Day for all their many clients. Many of these will be the owners of working dogs, as Manor Farm specialise in treating working animals. So we’ll have to be on our toes in front of an expert and critical audience. The weather isn’t looking great with thunder and rain forecast, which will be a shame, given the amount of preparation that has gone in to making the Open Day one for all to enjoy.

I have come to prefer these smaller, local events to the bigger commercial venues. So much more relaxed and fun with far less pressure to get it all right! In fact, it’s better when things do go wrong (as they inevitably do!), as not only does this provide endless amusement for everyone else, but it allows me to make fun of myself and my dogs without worrying about what the sponsors are thinking!

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