May 262014

What a scorching day it was on Saturday 17 May!

We put on a display for Gina Parsons of Passionate Pets who had organised the Sutton Veny Dog Show. As we had to leave to go on holiday the same day, we were first on at 1030 before the main events. This meant that only a few people were there at the start but the crowd had grown considerably by the time we finished.

Verdict? Well, the dogs were hot and bothered and didn’t fizz around the arena with their usual enthusiasm, Poppy ate the sausage which she was meant to bring to me – something she has NEVER done but, these aside, the girls did well. Not much interaction with or response from the crowd of experienced dog owners, just a couple of really nice comments afterwards.

The main thing is that Gina was happy and she was sweet enough to write a thank you card, a thank you email and leave a box of chocs on my windscreen. Such gestures are really appreciated and make all the difference.

Well done Gina, here’s looking forward to next year’s show!

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