Jun 222015


Gina Parsons of Passionate Pets, the Show’s Organiser:

Hi Stephen, I just wanted to say a very belated but very big thank you! It was fantastic to have you at our dog show and we’ve had lots of comments on ‘how amazing Stephen and his dogs are’, as well as the  inevitable ‘I wish my dog could do that’ ( to which my answer is “put in the time and effort and you could: it doesn’t magically happen over night !).
I really appreciate all the time and effort you put in and I understand it was a long day. The judging and the commentary was fantastic, better than I could have hoped for, as was (as always – so I hear!) your demo.
Your continued support is valued very much. Thank you.


Anne Filkins from Warminster:

Dear Stephen, You were brilliant! It was tough on you to judge every class and run commentary AND then do your turn. You and the dogs were very well received, all the folk around me were in awe of you and your girls. Wowed and amused in all the right places.

The show was a great success, largely thanks to you.


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