May 272017

I thought SEO stood for Senior Executive Officer until I met Steve Graham from Internet Mentor.

I first met Steve and his lovely cocker, Belle, when they were students of mine at Mullenscote.

Steve decided to continue his training with me privately and we have had two sessions during which Belle has come on amazingly. Steve has been kind enough to say so on my Facebook page.

But then I discovered he is a web site guru. He offered to have a look at my outdated web site and then blinded me with science with descriptions of widgets, backends(!), skinning, suffusion options, plugins, CSS etc. I nodded politely, but he might as well have been speaking Chinese!

Anyway, he has taken my web site, given it a good MOT and valet and has promised to help me relaunch it soon to reflect my new circumstances. His advice on advertising, marketing and SEO has also, I’m sure, been on the money. But I’m a simple soul who just wants things to work: I have neither the patience nor talent to get involved in the process – just give me the product!

Huge thanks to Steve, I can’t recommend him highly enough.

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