I was lucky enough to watch One Man and his Gundogs at The Wessex Country Fair recently and even luckier to chat with him after the demonstration. On mentioning writing a review of his demonstration, Stephen, tongue in cheek, informed me of the correct spellings for some adjectives I might need for the review-


Stephen told me “there are two p’s in appalling and two b’s in rubbish”!


Of course these are two adjectives I would never have need of using when reviewing one of Stephen’s demonstrations, however, it highlights his wonderful humility and sense of humour which shines through fantastically when you watch him.


Stephen starts with some classic dog training but makes it accessible for anyone. He follows with a brilliant display of his Gundog’s skills which is a joy to watch. You leave feeling you can achieve great things with your dog too, which is wonderfully empowering and an amazing achievement from one man in a demonstration with his dogs. 


Then there’s the fun and tricks which always gets the audience going! Stephen does “voices” for the dogs and a brilliant array of tricks which particularly appeals to children but entertains the adults brilliantly as well. The trick at the end with Daisy “fooling” Stephen is genius and brings laughter all round!


It is the very fact that Stephen doesn’t take himself too seriously that is part of the charm of the show. If it’s hot and his dogs don’t perform perfectly, that’s fine. I love that. There’s no pressure and therefore it ends up being a lot of fun to watch.


You cannot help but smile and feel good when you watch One Man and his Gundogs. In this world of increasing connectivity, competition and complications, the fact that a man in a field with his beloved dogs can achieve this and enrapture and lift his audience is nothing short of astounding.


Thank you and the dogs so much for a wonderful show Stephen.

Lorraine Taylor
Dear Stephen

Many thanks for coming to our Fete: the feed back has been marvellous, you were just wonderful!

My husband said that you were the Star of the Show. You inspired the Secretary's Grandchildren to do their own Dog show in the arena!

Many thanks for coming.

Best wishes from Debby

Debby Underhill - Fete Organiser

Dear Stephen,
I should  like to congratulate you on the show that you put on. It was both very entertaining and educational. Perhaps I should praise your dogs more so given the faultless performances they gave. They really are a credit to you and your training methods.
I'm very grateful for the fact that after the show you devoted so much time to patiently answering my questions on training. In particular your demonstration on dealing with lead pulling which already is having very positive results.
I look forward to seeing your demonstration again and have made a note of the Wessex Country Fair in my diary.
Regards, Steve Whitfield

Nunton Fete - 9 July 2016
What a fantastic informative joyful performance with beautifully trained dogs enjoyed by everyone.
Kim Swain, Warminster

You were all fantastic today!!! Meerkat!! A really eye opening demonstration that gives me hope for our daft lab-collie haha thank you!!
Andrew on Facebook

Your gundog training display at Cranborne Chase Woodfair was so entertaining and informative. Your guide to foundation work for puppies was very clear and helpful but the highlight was Daisy and Poppy's intricate 'collar and sausage-stealing trick' which was amazing.
Thank you for the one-to-one help you gave us in your busy dog training clinic afterwards, to see our dog walking willingly to heel for you has inspired us to have lessons. Thank you.
Anne Filkins, Norridge Farm, Upton Scudamore

Our neighbours have seen you twice at country fairs & have raved about your techniques. Can you help us with our dog?
Pip Davidson, Wimborne

I saw Stephen and his Gundogs at Cranborne Chase wood fair, this past weekend. I was wandering around the demonstration area, trying to get my daughter off to sleep in her pushchair, when Stephen started his presentation.
We have a 7 month old Lab/Collie at home who just about sits, but mostly chews on whatever she can find, mainly us. Hands, jumpers, hair, you name it, she is all over it!
Anyway, when I heard Stephen say that all that you need are three things, he grabbed my attention straight away. Although he had use of the entire arena, Stephen showed that you only need a relatively small area, the size of a small front garden, in which to teach your dogs the basic skills set, before opening up the area for more adventurous activities.
Stephen has a very engaging voice and his character is such that even a new dog owner is drawn to a demonstration that is as seemingly effortless as it is entertaining.
Both the dogs Stephen used were fantastic characters in their own right and certainly, during the second part of his demonstration, this was allowed to shine through in Stephen's demonstration of party tricks (MEERKAT)!!
All in all, Stephen has inspired me to try and have a go at training our little beastie at a few of the less adventurous of the activities. Maybe walking to heel, but I am not holding my breath!
After the demonstration, Stephen took the time to chat to as many festival goers as he could, with their dogs and give free advice and tips.
I highly recommend seeing Stephen, if you get the chance, as he is, without a doubt a fantastic crowd pleaser even before you add in the charm of his gorgeous dogs!!
Andrew Predeth, Oborne, Dorset.

Cranborne Chase Woodfair 2015
“Stephen provides such an enthralling and thoroughly engaging display of dog/owner training that we’d have Stephen back at any future event – no question!

No matter how many times I’ve seen Stephen and his wonderful dogs in the ring, I’d watch him over and over as there’s always something to learn - or remind yourself again that you’re not doing!

On a personal note, both my collies (& myself) are so much happier having taken on board his very practical advice, given in a very straightforward and practical way. It’s great fun too! Look forward to see Stephen back at the Cranborne Chase Woodfair next time around!”

Linda Nunn, AONB Director

Cranborne Chase Woodfair, Breamore House, 3 & 4 October 2015
Hi Stephen,

The Wessex Country Fair was thrilled to welcome you and your dogs back for a second year by popular request. Both you and the dogs were a huge hit again:  the audience was once again thrilled by the level of obedience and skill shown, and thanks to your unique approach of breaking down the training to show how the dogs are taught, everyone was held spell bound for the whole display. I'm sure some went home inspired to improve the obedience of their own dogs!

It was lovely to see you and your team again, and please pass on my thanks to them for giving up their day to support the hospice. 

Thank you so much for all of your support, and for adding so much to the show.

 Kind regards,

 Rachel Turnbull

 Fundraising Officer, Salisbury Hospice Charity

16 August 2015 - Wessex Country Fair
Steve put on a very entertaining and informative display recently at the Ellingham & Ringwood Show. All aspects of dog training were demonstrated, from the very first actions with your brand new puppy to the high levels of training expected of more experienced dogs that are ready to go into the shooting field. Added to these elements were some of Steve's special tricks showing that dog training can be fun. The crowd around us certainly enjoyed watching the display as much as we did; there was something for every person at the show ground to enjoy. 

If you are ever able to watch one of Steve's displays we would highly recommend you do so; it's guaranteed that you will enjoy it and there are always plenty of tips and advice to take home with you. It will certainly be different to any other display you are ever likely to see.

Matt & Martine Blake.

8 August 2015 - Ellingham & Ringwood Show
avatarMrs Kim Swain of Warminster wrote:

This was the first time I have seen your display and I have to say that the show was a fantastic day for both owners and dogs alike . Not only did you do your brilliant display, but you did all the judging for the dog show too.

It was amazing and, along with the other spectators, I was blown away by your performance, with the highlight being Daisy's collar act!

Kim Swain

Mrs Anne Filkins of Warminster wrote;

Dear Stephen, You were brilliant! It was tough on you to judge every class and run commentary - and THEN do your turn! You and the dogs were very well received, all the folk around me were in awe of you and your girls. Wowed and amused in all the right places. For me it was a chance to see where my piece of the jigsaw might eventually fit into the bigger picture. The show was a great success, largely thanks to you.

Anne Filkins


7 June 2015 - Sutton Veny Dog Show
avatar"After watching your gundog training display at the Wessex Country Fair on 16th August, I feel I must offer my congratulations. Your wonderfully sympathetic and compassionate approach to the training of both Daisy and Poppy with remarkable results, has my total admiration. It was wonderful to watch, you had us spellbound. Your 'unconventional' method just seems so natural and I can only hope that future dog owners take note and follow your teaching, I most certainly will. Thank you."

Jackie Ward, Wilton

A great demonstration at the Wessex Country Fair on 16 August. Wonderful to see Stephen, Daisy and Poppy in action, certainly the highlight of the day combining information, skill and great humour. My partner, Jenny, has fallen in love with Poppy.

Tony Chalcroft, Upavon

16 August 2014 - Wessex Country Fair
At the end of our demonstration yesterday in one of the largest arenas and in front of one of the biggest crowds we have ever seen (17,000), I was stopped by many people including by Lisa Tonks, a professional dog trainer based in Ringwood who runs "Paws4Reward". Lisa was kind enough to write to me after the show:

"How refreshing to watch a Gun Dog demonstration using reward based training, a clicker and treats. This showed how gun dogs can really enjoy not only working, they are also capable and enjoy preforming fun tricks.

It was obvious to all that Stephen loves working with his dogs and his dogs relish working with him.

The demonstration was full of great training tips and advise, for all dog owners and not just for Gun Dogs.

I hope many of my clients were watching. I certainly learnt new things today.

Lisa Tonks
Dog Trainer, Ringwood
07967 640533

APDT 001152

I was also approached by Mr & Mrs Conlan. Mr Conlan, an ex VC10 pilot in the RAF, said that he had not wanted to come to the show but had been persuaded to do so by his wife. He said he had seen "hundreds" of Gundog demonstrations in the past and had said to his wife "Here we go again!" when it was our turn. But he said he was so pleased he had been persuaded to come along as this was the best and most entertaining show he had ever seen. He promised to write a testimonial and, true to his word, I received this email the next morning:

Dear Mr Harrison,

The high point of the Ellingham Show yesterday for both my wife and me was your demonstration. It was a delight to see the rapport you have with your dogs and their obvious enjoyment of the whole display. I suspect many of the attending dog owners watched with envy.

We look forward very much to seeing you and your team at future events.

Thank you once again.

Tom Conlon

And then, out of the blue, I received this from Christine Pomroy in Bransgore:

"At the Ellingham Show we were delighted to watch your gundog display. Your two dogs, Poppy and Daisy, were a credit to your training regime and entertained the audience with their routines and tricks. It was the best dog display that we have ever seen!"

9 August 2014 - Ellingham & Ringwood Show
"Superb! I can honestly say that this was the most entertaining thing I have ever witnessed! You had the whole crowd, old and young, transfixed!"
Pam Kent, Chitterne

2 August 2014 - Jack's Jamboree Fundraiser, Codford