Aug 172016


Martin Clunes (from the TV series Men behaving Badly and Doc Martin) hosts the annual Buckham Fair on his estate near Beaminster in Dorset this Sunday 21 August – and we’ve been asked to perform in the main arena. It’s easily our biggest show of the year and a great way to close out the show season.

Buckham Fair has grown in popularity over the years and now attracts over 18,000 visitors. There will be a multitude of animal-related shows, competitions and events, as well as a full fun fair, food court, vehicle displays and a whole host more.

Gates open at 9 a.m. Tickets cost just £5 and children under 16 enter free! Visit:

It’s all a bit nerve-racking knowing the numbers of people attending, but I will have the help of 3 really capable trainers and their dogs: Kim, Matt & Martine with Bee, Harvey and Fizz. So I’ll be able to bask in their reflected glory. Plus, we’re meeting up with Martin, his wife Philippa & the organisers for a drink or 3 the night before, so that’ll help break the ice …..

My three girls have had upset tummies recently but are now on the mend. I’m hoping for a cool, overcast day, as this is when my dogs perform best. But I know everyone else will be praying for wall-to-wall sunshine!

We’ll be in our tiny gazebo all day, shading the dogs from the sun. Let’s just hope it all goes well, not least because all proceeds are going to their charity, the Weldmar Hospicecare Trust. Please drop in and say hello – I’m sure I will be in need of some Dutch courage!

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