Sep 072013

Gundog Demonstration 010  Gundog Demonstration 070

How wonderfully British!

A food festival held in our local village on the green with loads of stalls selling and giving away local produce made by local people, bouncy castles, cake stalls, a bakery, Codford Ladies’ Circle, the Poppy appeal, donkey rides, the mandatory dog show, local ales, live music and many, many more – fabulous! And all under clear blue sunny skies.

And then it was our turn. We had to move the whole arena at the last moment as the wireless PA system wouldn’t stretch to the initial location, but then we were off, with many of our friends, neighbours and even an old Army chum, Tony Dixon and his lovely wife Catherine and their son Henry (who was months old when I last saw him!) watching on.

The dogs were just wonderful today, almost as if they recognised that I was a bit more nervous than usual. Yes, there were a few hiccups, but these served only to delight onlookers.

Daughter Emily was there with the video camera and her boyfriend Rob who had the stills camera made it a real family affair. And loads of people came up to us after the show to tell us how much they enjoyed what we did.

I’m pretty sure we can walk down Codford High Street tomorrow without getting too much stick from our fellow villagers after what was a wonderfully British occasion.

Proper job!


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