Nov 012013

No, this post’s not about Usain Bolt but about the number of requests we’re receiving for gundog demonstrations next year.

The latest invitation is from the organisers of the Ellingham show to appear in August, a show that we’d like to do as it is well-attended and well-organised. Add this to the number of other new and longstanding requests and it soon becomes clear that there are more invitations than we can realistically service. We don’t charge a fee for these shows, so expense will be a factor.

We haven’t really decided yet what we’re going to do in 2014. I’m minded to do only the bigger shows, other people would prefer us only to do the smaller venues. Ultimately, the dogs’ health will be the overriding factor: we may end up doing none at all.

In the meantime, the requests continue to arrive thick and fast and are all met with holding replies pending further developments.

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