May 042015


It’s all over!

24 handlers and dogs, 22 passes, of which 8 achieved a Distinction and 11 achieved a Merit!

I was surprised at how emotional I found the whole experience. I can only liken it to watching my daughters run a race on school sports day! I found myself urging people on under my breath and whooping with delight when things went well!

There’s now a two week break before the next round of Puppy, Foundation and Bronze courses start all over again on 17 May and continue until the end of June. I think we are already fully booked up and I can expect to be confronted with up to 15 on each course.  We’ll manage, I’m sure, not least because I have a really capable, friendly and customer-aware group of Assistants.

I had already made plans to sell The Big Issue in Salisbury next week. But it seems as if I’m not to be given my P45 just yet!

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