Feb 152016


I had a discussion with a fellow trainer about the standard of training of dog trainers’ own dogs. My colleague’s view was that a dog trainer needs only to have the necessary knowledge, qualifications, track record and teaching ability to train other people’s dogs – without necessarily having well-trained dogs themselves. My view is somewhat different ….

A football team manager doesn’t have to have been a good football player himself in order to be a good manager, I accept. But in the case of dog trainers, I think that if you are going to stand in front of an owner and instruct them in how to put right a problem with their dog that your own dog also has, you lack credibility. Why should a client have faith in your ability to help them if you can’t help yourself? I think that a trainer’s dogs are his/her shop window. Plus, if (as I do) you are going to use a dog to demonstrate skills and techniques, I think it’s so important that the demonstration is as good as it can be. For that, you need a well-trained dog, don’t you?

Of course, if you never use your own dogs when training others’ dogs, you won’t have a problem!

Anyway, that’s just my opinion and the old maxim still holds true: the only thing that two dog trainers will ever agree on is that a third trainer is doing it wrong!

But I just wondered what others think …..

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  1. having just attended the Winterslow celebrations for the queen,s birthday I was absolutely amazed and amused by the gun dog demonstration of training methods, tricks and commands. Stephen,s wit and humour made it so interesting and fun, but the bond between him and the dogs was incredible, they just wanted to please him. When I get another dog I shall certainly be looking to him for advice.

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