Jan 112016


Problem: Daisy stopped weeing! Well, she stopped weeing on our front and back lawns, displaying anxiety and fear of leaving a hard surface to go on the grass, where she has never had an issue before.

Solution 1: the military solution was to force her on to the grass and give her a direct order to wee, using a manly, officer-like voice together with “how dare you disobey!”.

Outcome: failure. Daisy now even more traumatised. I gave her 14 extra duties and 7 days jankers.

Solution 2: call my friend, fellow trainer and canine behaviourist expert, Lisa Tonks, from Paws4Reward. Open ears, shut mouth. Read her email instructions. Implement them.

Outcome: Daisy is weeing for Britain. Result.

Lesson Learned? Shout at Daisy louder next time, perhaps wearing my uniform. That’ll show her who’s boss.

Or, go to an expert. Lisa Tonks, I owe you.

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